Bookings can be made online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, if you are unsure of the type of appointment needed or require more information, feel free to contact our reception desk on (08) 7228 0000.

Cancellation fees

Groveway Medical are committed to the provision of the highest quality of medicinal health care services to our patients. Our cancellation and non-attendance policy allow us to provide the best level of care possible to all patient.

Cancellations at Groveway Medical require least 24 hours prior to your appointment time (e.g. if the appointment is at 4pm on Wednesday, please contact us no later than 4pm on Tuesday).

As available appointments are in high demand, early cancellation will allow other patients the possibility of seeing a doctor.

Failure to notify the practice of a non-attendance/change in appointment time within the 24-hour notice period, may attract a Cancellation or Non-Attendance Fee of $40 per appointment.


We will endeavour to see our patients in a punctual manner and respect your time. We cannot, however, guarantee that our doctors will be running on time. This reflects the intricacy and unpredictability of medicine and the respect of patient privacy by our non-clinical staff. More importantly, your doctor has seen a medical issue that requires greater consideration and is respecting the required time needed to ensure the patient is safe. This same level of respect and consideration for your health will be afforded to you upon your consultation.

To facilitate this, we ask you allow for appropriate time allotment for your needs when making a booking. If this is done online, please select the double appointment, or let the reception staff know if booking via phone.

If your doctor is running behind schedule, we will endeavour to

  1.  update you on either the number of patients waiting to be seen before you,
  2. Make an effort for you to be seen by another doctor/medical staff, where possible, or
  3. contact you when we are next to be seen/offer an alternative time that is convenient for you.