Fee Schedule


Due to rising costs and stagnation of Medicare rebates, we will transition to a Mixed Billing practice as of the 1st of Aug 2023.

Patients aged below 16 years old and those entitled to concessions (Healthcare, DVA, & Pension card holders) will continue to have “no gap” visits for regular medical consultation (including care plan appointments) during normal business hours throughout Monday to Friday.

However, all non concession holder consults, special appointments such as minor surgeries/procedures, as well as all patients seen throughout Saturday and Sunday, will be privately billed. Please note that all accounts are due to be finalised on the day of consultation. 

In these instances, your fee may be covered by external parties- such as Work Cover, the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), or your private insurance. Consultations that are not covered by external parties are then billed to the patient directly. In certain cases, you may be able to claim a proportion of your fees retrospectively from the appropriate entity. We will aid you in the provision of required documentation/receipts.



All consultation the Gap payment will be processed as follows:

  • You will be asked to pay for the full consultation fee at the conclusion of your appointment
  • Through the Medicare Easy claim system, we will process Medicare rebate claims at the same time, allowing the money to be credited to your account directly; and remove the task of you from having to claim the rebate at Medicare in person
  • You will be rebated the Medicare portion of your costs normally within 24-48 hours, with you being out of pocket only for the gap payment

You will be made aware of external fees prior to your consultation and all outstanding accounts are to be settled at the time of consultation. Medicare rebates will vary depending on what services are provided and length of visitation. These rebates are set by Medicare. Please refer to the schedule below for approximate out of pocket costs.

Some patients may receive a higher Medicare rebate depending on their Medicare Safety Net

Monday – Friday during normal business hours only:
Concession Card Holders and Children under the age of 16  NO out of pocket expense
Consultation Item Fee to be paid on the day Medicare Rebate Out of pocket
Standard Consult $71.20 $41.20 $30
Long Consult $130.50 $79.70 $50.80
Extended Consult $187.60 $117.40 $70.20
Telephone Consult $71.20 $41.20 $30
Saturday or Sunday for EVERYONE:
Consultation Item Fee to be paid on the day Medicare Rebate Out of pocket
Standard Consult $83.65 $41.20 $42.45
Long Consult $142.80 $79.70 $63.10
Extended Consult $199.20 $117.40 $81.80
Telephone Consult $83.65 $41.20 $42.45


We welcome overseas travelers and non Medicare patients there is no change in fees however we will provide documentation to be able to claim with your private insurance.


Any procedure requiring the use of the surgical room will attract an additional surgical room fee of $50.