Fee Schedule


We are a medical clinic offering both bulk billing and mixed billing doctors. Details on each doctor’s fee schedules will be advised under their profile on this website as well as online booking systems such as HotDoc and HealthEngine. Please ensure you have checked these details prior to booking an appointment.

For bulk billing doctors, this means we will not charge you any additional fees for consultations that are permitted to be subsidised by Medicare and the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This is covered under the Health Insurance Act 1973 and National Health Act of 1953.

Although this covers a large proportion of presentations, there are certain scenarios and circumstances where Medicare do not permit our doctors to claim on your behalf.

In these instances, your fee may be covered by external parties- such as Work Cover, the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), or your private employer. Consultations that are not covered by external parties are then billed to the patient directly. In many of these cases, you may be able to claim a proportion of your fees retrospectively from the appropriate entity. We will aid you in the provision of required documentation/receipts.

In cases where the required information/documentation for a presentation to be claimable under any of the prior listed parties is not provided, we will treat the consultation as a private patient billing consultation.

For mixed billing doctors, there will be an out of pocket Gap payment incurred for each consultation which must be paid on the day. This process is outlined as below.


Any consultation requiring a Gap payment will be processed as follows:

  • You will be asked to pay for the full consultation fee at the conclusion of your appointment
  • Through the Medicare Easy claim system, we will process Medicare rebate claims at the same time, allowing the money to be credited to your account directly; and remove the task of you from having to claim the rebate at Medicare in person
  • You will be rebated the Medicare portion of your costs, with you being out of pocket only for the gap payment

You will be made aware of external fees prior to your consultation and all outstanding accounts are to be settled at the time of consultation. General mixed billing consults require payment on the day of consult, and attract a total out of pocket cost of $20.

Below is a list of services that we currently offer that are NOT entirely covered by external parties and the associated costs. All prices listed are additional, out of pocket Gap costs, and include GST, where applicable, and will be handled as per the described processes for Gap Payments.


Any procedure requiring the use of the surgical room will attract a surgical fee of $50. This is to cover the cost of equipment and consumables such as:

  • scalpels/sutures
  • topical anesthetics
  • antiseptics
  • dressings etc.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) List

We have trained MSK practitioners, with an in-house ultrasound to provide on the spot assessments, as well as visually guided (where necessary) targeted therapy.

  1. Consultations with Dr Quach (if no interventions required) – $75 initial, $55 follow up
  2. Prolotherapy Session – $195 inclusive of consumables
  3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Session – $395 per 10ml of a blood sample obtained
  4. Steroid injections – $110 inclusive of consumables

Iron Infusions

Iron infusions can sometimes serve as an alternative to oral supplementation. Instead of regularly taking a tablet for an extended period of time, you may benefit from a once-off dose of a continuous flow of Iron-containing medicine directly into the bloodstream.

The amount (or dose) of iron will vary due to differences in weight as well as the reason why you are needing iron.  This will then dictate which type of iron medicine is given to you and how long each dose will take to administer. There is no ‘better’ iron per se, but rather the ‘right’ iron for your situation/needs.

Costs for the administration of iron infusions are $90 gap payment per infusion.

Medicinal Cannabis

Patient will be able to discuss their suitability for medicinal cannabis with an initial, bulk-billed consultation with one of our doctors. Once suitability is established, all future consultations that are related to medicinal cannabis will attract the following gap payments. Other consultations will remain bulk billed.

For patients that are regular patients of Groveway Medical:

-A gap of $200 for the initial consult, followed by $50 per consult thereafter

Current guidelines for prescription and dispensing of Medicinal Cannabis in South Australia is still new and can be a complex process. We appreciate your understanding of potential delays/declines in approvals during the early phase of this new therapy.

Accordingly, there is an expectation that not all requests will be accepted for progression. This is Our screening process ensures that patients who embark on this therapy option is

  1. most likely to be approved by the TGA for Medicinal Cannabis, and
  2. is the right candidate with the highest chance of achieving a successful clinical outcome with this treatment.