Results Follow Up

Continuity of care is integral in the provision of good medical care. One key element to this involves following up or recalling on issues relevant to your healthcare. As an accredited practice, our follow up procedure is in line with the RACGP 5th Standards guidelines. Accordingly, a ‘follow up’ can mean:

  • following up the information – such as tests and results that are expected but have not yet been received by the practice
  • following up the patient – tracing the patient to discuss the report, test or results after they have been received by the practice and reviewed, or tracing the patient if the patient did not take a test as expected.

In addition, a ‘Recall’ means:

  • a system to make sure patients receive further medical advice on matters of clinical significance.
  • ‘Clinical significance’ is determined by:
    • the probability that the patient will be harmed if further medical advice is not obtained
    • the likely seriousness of the harm.

Our ‘Follow Up’ system involves regular review of your results/correspondence, following up on significant tests and results, making sure you are aware of the seriousness of not attending for follow up.

As such, we will attempt to contact you via your provided contact information (including your next of kin and/or emergency contacts) through either mode of communication provided. We will make 3 attempts, followed by a formal letter sent to your listed residential address. It is your responsibility to ensure changes to your contact details are appropriately communicated and up to date with the practice.